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Crowdinvesting – Projects✓ Experience, Return

Crowdfunding at Immofunding offers all investors many interesting opportunities to earn a residual income. Crowdinvesting allows you to invest a certain amount of money that can promise you attractive returns over time.

In this context, the operator Immofunding specializes in investments in the real estate sector. Here, investors are offered many exciting real estate projects in which they can participate passively.

How does crowdinvesting with Immofunding work?

 How does crowdinvesting with Immofunding work?

Immofunding offers a very large selection of lucrative projects for its customers. With this provider, you have the opportunity to invest safely and easily in construction projects of various sizes directly in Austria.



Current projects at Immofunding Austria

Current projects at Immofunding Austria


Real Estate Crowdinvesting offers 6.50% interest and 24 months maturity.

Use the many different ways to generate additional income. It is already completely sufficient if you invest a certain amount. At Immofunding you can invest both as a small investor with low capital and as a large investor with large liquid assets. Immofunding thus offers the best prerequisites for a profitable investment for all customer groups.


So you can earn money through crowdinvesting at Immofunding


 So you can earn money through crowdinvesting at Immofunding


On the platform of Immofunding you have the opportunity to participate in just a few clicks on the crowdinvesting of this operator. In this context, the website offers many interesting real estate projects in which you can invest money quickly and safely. Find out more about this on the page of the operator about the current projects. You can use the corresponding ads to get all the important information about the project, giving you an in-depth look at Immofunding’s portfolio in advance.

If you have decided on one of the exciting projects, you can fix the final investment in your desired project exactly. To do this you simply have to offer the desired investment amount and then specify the term of your investment. Once you have entered all the required parameters, you can complete your investment. As part of this process, you can also see exactly when you can count on which returns from your investment. At Immofunding you can make an investment as low as 250 €.

There are no further fees and costs for you. In addition, you can rely on Immofunding’s world-class customer support throughout the investment period.

In addition, Immofunding offers a special extra on its website for all customers. If you make an investment in the amount of at least 500 €, you will get back by the provider 50 €. This is a very attractive offer, which you can use with a clear conscience.


The experience from the practice of crowdinvesting at Immofunding


 The experience from the practice of crowdinvesting at Immofunding


In order to get an accurate picture of Immofunding’s investment opportunities, it has been necessary to provide an accurate test report in practice to this operator. First and foremost, it is very positive to mention that Immofunding’s offer attracts both small investors and large investors with a lot of capital.

Here you can invest already with an amount of only 250 € in various real estate projects with this provider. In addition, Immofunding offers you an additional € 50 bonus if you make an investment of at least 500.

In general, the website of the operator has been created very clearly and optically absolutely appealing. In addition, there is always very high transparency at all times. You always have the opportunity to obtain all relevant information about the individual real estate projects. The final investment in immofunding can be done quickly and easily. Select your desired investment amount and set a duration of the investment.

From the experience of Immofunding can also be reported that the payments of income have always been smooth and on time. Immofunding is a very serious and reliable partner in the area of ​​crowdinvesting. Thus, this operator can also be recommended for other investors with a clear conscience.

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